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MB-3   Ambrosia Maple Bowl
AMBB-2   Ambrosia Maple Bowl Blank
AMBB-3   Ambrosia Maple Bowl Blank
AMBB-4   Ambrosia Maple Bowl Blank
AM-5   Ambrosia Maple Hollow Art Bowl
AMTB-3   Ambrosia Maple Turning Blocks- Large
AMTB-2   Ambrosia Maple Turning Blocks- Medium
AMTB-1   Ambrosia Maple Turning Blocks- Small
Ch-5   Burnt Rim Cherry Bowl
Ca-1   Camphor Hollow Box
CC-1   Challenge Coin Display Case
CB-2   Cherry Bowl
CG-1   Cherry Goblet Decor
PB-2   Cherry Peek-a-Boo Bowl
CB-1   Cherry Wood Mushroom Bowl
CH-1   Custom Engraved Tree Slice
MB-6   Deep Maple Bowl
WW-2   Detailed Wizard Wand
MB-1   Figured Maple Bowl with Nail
FP-Chrome   Fine Fountain Pen
Ch-3   Flat Rim Cherry Bowl
FG-1   Fudge Gift Set
Ga-1   Gavel and Strike Plate
Ma-1   Hardwood Shop Mallet
KD-L   Kiln Dried Turning Stock- Large Box
KD-M   Kiln Dried Turning Stock- Medium Box
KD-S   Kiln Dried Turning Stock- Small Box
LAP-1   Large Ash Platter - 1
LAP-2   Large Ash Platter - 2
EB-1   Large Elm Wood Bowl
MB-7   Large Maple Bowl
SMB-1   Large Spalted Maple Bowl
Ch-4   Live edge front Cherry Bowl
Mg-1   Mango Hollow Bowl
MBS-1   Maple Bowl Set
MBBB-1   Maple Burl Bowl Blank
MBBB-3   Maple Burl Bowl Blank
MB-Gold   Mont Blanc Style Pen
My-SS   Mylands Cellulose Sanding Sealer
My-HB   Mylands High Build Friction Polish
My-ML   Mylands Melamine Lacquer
My-WP   Mylands Wax Polish
My-WFO   Mylands Wood Finishing Oil
OB-V1   Oak Burl Vase
OOTS-1   Osage Orange Turning Stock
FC-Gold   Pen Elite
PB-3   Pine Bowl
SMBB-1   Spalted Maple Bowl Blank
SMBBB-1   Spalted Maple Burl Bowl Blank
SMBBB-2   Spalted Maple Burl Bowl Blank
SM-1   Spalted Maple Hollow Form
PB-1   Stabilized Pen Blanks
ST-1   Stray Together Wood Art
SM-2   Super Spalted Maple Bowl
LB-2   Very Large Bowl
WBSB-2   Walnut Block Spindle Blanks- Large
WBSB-1   Walnut Block Spindle Blanks- Small
WBTS-1   Walnut Block Turning Stock
WW-1   Wizard Wand
YB-1   Yarn Bowl

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